You might have seen chains on pants and wondered how they are called. These accessories that you see hanging on pants, jiggling and dangling are called pants chains. Commonly, they are also called wallet chains, trouser chains or jeans chains. They may come in different terms, but they all serve the same purpose!


Decades before, pants chains were habitually worn by bikers and truckers. After so many years, they had become phenomenal to rock legends as well. Pants chains have become a symbol of their culture as well. They have become well-developed which led to them being a popular accessory these days.


Pants chains are basically made of stainless steel. However, since they are improving in terms of design and functionality. Nowadays, they can also be created from leather, brass, silver or gold. You will not believe it, but pants chains can also be worn as fancy jewelry, too!


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Not all people are knowledgeable enough about pants chains. That is why in this article, we will introduce you the different purposes of wearing a pants chain! This simple accessory is not just your ordinary go-to body or clothes ornament, but it can also be as useful as your other functional valuables.


Let us drop the most important question: What are pants chains for?


We are enumerating it to only two functionalities: security and style.



In the past, bikers and truckers often worn a pants chains to secure their wallet inside their pocket. As we all know, they frequently go on drastic adventures that may cause their wallet slipping off their pants. Thus, the invention of a wallet chain. It does not only symbolize their culture, but it also serves the most important purpose to them—and that is securing their wallet and all the valuables inside it. When you use or wear a pants chain, you will not worry anymore about your belongings being lost, getting stolen or slipping off your pockets. You will have peace of mind wherever you may go because pants chains already got it for you!



Of course, what people love most about pants chains is its authentic style that is incomparable. Its simplicity and straightforward exterior captured the hearts of many. Not only that, beyond its uncomplicated design, it also works functionally and effectively both as an accessory and protection. But do you know that you can always style it in different ways?

Style it on pants

As common as it can be, pants chains are regularly styled on pants. Not just for fashion, but for added security as well to keep users’ wallets protected and safe.


Style it on bags

Want to be extra creative with your bags or purses, then give pants chains a try to decorate them. It is a modern idea of experimenting designing your bags. Not only that, but pants chains also add extra styling and elegance to bags and purses. You can either hang it in front of the bags or on their straps.


Style it on shirts or tops (fob chains)

Commonly known as fob chains, pants chains are a great accessory to add style and distinct design to your clothes or outwear. It will give you a standout look and make anyone’s head turn. You can pull it off better just by hanging a pants chain on your shirt or clothes.


Style it as a necklace or a belt

Pants chains are not only exclusive to hanging and daggling, but they can also work as a fancy jewelry independently. Most users also wear them as necklaces or belts. And it looks good. Wearing pants chains as necklaces gives them a cooler look and an edgy style, while using them as belts makes them outwear more interesting and incredible.
Give yourself a treat by owing a pants chain! You will surely love how it can turn your casual and simple look into a sleek and modish one. And of course, having one means getting your valuables protected as well—because of its added security! It is time to get fashionable!