Biker Cross men Braceletbracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but it is a gift which can remind of the person every time when you look at it. That's why, on friendship day, friends give bracelets to each other. They are affordable, easy to wear all the time, fashionable and represent sentiments of the person who gifted it to other persons. When we talk about the jewelry, bracelets cannot be ignored that's why bracelets is an important item which has been found in all type of jewelry including biker's jewelry.

Skull Short Leather Tooled Biker Wallet

It is not unusual to a biker pull out an intricately designed leather skull wallet to pay for items they want. In fact skulls seem to be a favorite decoration of bikers and it is a symbol they seem proud to use to decorate their bike, their clothing, their jewelry and their wallets. So exactly what does a skull represent to bikers and why do they choose wallets bearing skulls?

red men leather jacket biker jewelryThe biker jewelry is also known by different names like rock and roll jewelry, rocker jewelry and gothic jewelry etc but the biker jewelry is the most common name. There is huge difference between men's biker jewelry as compare to regular men's jewelry. Usually, the jewelry made for the bikers are heavy in weight, bigger in size and comes up with dangerous styles and design like skull, dragon, cross with skull, snake, and bloodied thorns etc. They are also available in other themes like roses, flowers, and thrones of kinds to look sexier.

Cross Sliver Chain Necklace For Men Biker Trucker Cool Rock Punk Motorcycle SOLID STERLING SILVER 925 Mens Cross Chain Necklace (2)

The silver cross necklace is popular among popular and known as biker jewelry but it does not mean that no one else can wear it. The silver chain necklace with the cross is can be wear for aesthetic appeal and religious purposes. So, labeling the silver necklace for a biker is not a good idea. Any man who loves to wear men jewelry can wear the men’s silver cross necklace.

biker black jacket


One can easily recognize the bikers by their biker jewelry, leather jacket and defiantly the tattoo. In USA biker bars, it is hard to see any biker who is not wearing at least one item from biker jewelry which is usually biker rings, biker earrings, biker bracelets, cross rings and silver cross necklace. Some biker love to wear all of them as these jewelry represent their biker community.

Silver Cross necklace dog tag for men


Among men’s jewelry, necklaces are the hardest accessories to wear. Men’s necklaces are quite different from that of women. Women jewelry is considered as costume jewelry and is stuffed with heavy gems. Jewelry for men does not work in this way, they are not designed to highlight a man’s look. They are rather designed to make a compliment for a man’s outfit. The designs of men necklace is also quite different and are mainly rugged, rough and simple looking. When choosing necklaces most men considered having precious metals, and silver necklaces are the most popular choice for their charming glow and reasonable price. Silver necklaces enhance the beauty and charm of any outfit, and are a great way to attract eyes.

Men Biker Skull cool Sliver ringsSkull ring is usually associated with the bikers as the bikers usually wear them all the time. I have come to know that when I have entered in a biker bar here in the USA. The skull was everywhere not just on the ring but also on earrings, bracelets, tattoos, and necklace etc.

brown leather biker wallet for men


The wallet is an essential men accessory that's why the designers made the different type of men wallets which fits with the occasion. For example, for bikers, there are biker wallets which usually have a chain and also called the chain wallets. Same like this, there are different wallet style available for office going men, party wallets and much more. But here we will specifically talk about the biker wallets.

Biker Couple Biker Red Leather Jackets Cool


Bikers like most men carry around a wallet to hold their cash, checkbook, or credit cards. But when choosing a wallet for bikers there are few specific features you may want to look for. Here are some of the features that you look for when buying a Biker's wallet.

Sliver Wallet Chain

When it comes to men’s accessories, there are popularly known items such as ties, hats, and wallets. There are other less known accessories, however, that serve as a secondary or support to the popular accessories, such as tie clips and wallet chains. A lot of people do not know the importance of wallet chains, and they see it as ‘uncool and unfashionable. In reality, a wallet chain has a lot of benefits and uses, and this article will expatiate on how to use or wear it properly.