When it comes to men’s accessories, there are popularly known items such as ties, hats, and wallets. There are other less known accessories, however, that serve as a secondary or support to the popular accessories, such as tie clips and wallet chains. A lot of people do not know the importance of wallet chains, and they see it as ‘uncool and unfashionable. In reality, a wallet chain has a lot of benefits and uses, and this article will expatiate on how to use or wear it properly.






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A wallet chain is basically a short or long link chain with a clasp on both ends so you can secure or fasten your wallet to your belt.


As a biker, a wallet chain is an indispensable accessory. It is a key part of biker fashion, and it helps keep your wallet safe and in place all day every day. If you’re in constant fear of losing your wallet while on the road or out and about, then you definitely need a wallet chain. It has been worn by men, especially bikers everywhere for a very long time. Celebrities, mostly punk or rock artistes and rappers such as Lil Wayne and Linkin Park, have been seen using wallet chains over time.

Once you get a wallet chain, knowledge of how to use it properly is needed, and we’re here to help.


How To Wear A Wallet Chain

  1. The first step if to attach one end of the chain to the wallet. Most wallet chains have trigger-opening clasps which you have to open and clasp to the wallet’s chain hole. Some other wallet chains have key strings. If yours does, simply clasp it to the wallet the same way you would clasp a key to a keystring.The first way to wear wallet chain
  2. Secondly, ensure the back pocket your put your wallet in is the same side of your pants the wallet is chained to. This makes it easier for you to gain access to it. It is also better this way so that you do not tangle yourself up in the process of using reaching for your wallet. For easier access it is advisable you clasp the wallet to the side of your dominant hand.THe Second way to wear wallet chain
  3. Lastly, take the other end of the chain and clasp it to the front belt loop of your pant. Ensure it is on the same side it’s clasped onto at the back and then open the clasp and close it over the belt loop on the front of the pants.Three Way to wear wallet chain


By using a wallet chain, you ensure that your wallet stays connected to your person no matter how rough the acts you get into during the day are. When you have a wallet chain, you can confidently try out any cool biker tricks you want to try without any fear of your wallet falling out. An additional benefit of wallet chains is that it protects your wallet from the danger of theft.

As mentioned earlier, there are long as well as well as short wallet chains, and you can either buy readymade chains, or make your own wallet chain yourself.