Do you always worry about your wallet slipping off your pockets or jeans? Then, here's the best solution to your problem! Do you know that you can actually secure your wallet inside your pants' pockets while you travel or go out? Yes, it is possible! All you need is a wallet chain that can be attached to your pants and wallets. And of course, a ring is necessary as well to hold the chain!
This is one of the reasons why our regular users prefer wallet chains to complete their outfit. It just doesn't complete the totality of their look, but it is also highly functional especially if you're the kind of person who likes bringing their belongings with them secured and protected. Because a wallet chain is not only fashionable, it is also useful!
In this article, for you to know and learn how to attach pants to a wallet effectively and properly, we will provide some easy and simple instructions and ways on how to do it. Lets' get started!

Step 1: Having A Wallet Chain


Step 2: Adding A Ring or Hole on Wallet

2.1 If You Have a Keychain Wallet/Biker Wallet

- First on our list is the use of a keyring or a keychain! Some wallets have already built-in ones. Pants chains are best paired with a keyring or a keychain! Built in keyrings are installed on most wallets that's why attaching a chain is much simpler and easier. A user just has to connect one end to a keyring while the other end should be clutched onto a belt loop. This features on both billfold and long wallets. We  also listed down some effective and quick methods on how to put or make a hole in your wallet, in case yours doesn't have one or a keyring.

 2.2 Adding A Hole Or A Ring On Wallet

Waxed Cotton Cord or Split Ring
To punch a hole on thee top of a wallet, you could use a hammer and a brad. Carefully place the cord through the hold. Encircle it and knot it firmly, so it can provide you an assurance that it won't loose. Most people like waxed cotton cords because of its waterproof materials, and they are sturdy enough- giving a lifetime usage.
You can also make use of a split ring if don't like cotton cords. It is stronger but less elastic. Just be guided that you should opt for one that has a split- making it easier for you to enclose a chain to it effectively and tightly.
And finally, you have it! Your very own DIY keyring or keychain which is economically friendly and very simple to do!
Chain Screw Connector
- Thinking of a fancier chain holder? Then, give chain screw connectors a try! These clamps come in different colors and designs. They can be vibrant or metallic- it all depends on your style. Most of the time, screw connectors are made of stainless steel which provides durability over time. Just like a split ring, it's also easy to install on wallets.
To create a hole on the corner or top of the wallet, a hammer and a brad are both needed again.
Next, the screw connector should be slid into the hole. Ensure that the fastener fits the size.
When it's already securely connected to the wallet, the screw connector should be clasped onto the wallet.
At last! You're finished! You can now rock with style using your wallet chain without the worry of having it slipped off your pockets.
- Definitely low key and laid-back, that is what a grommet offers. It is less draggy fix up and not expensive at all!
Firstly, you'll be needing a hammer and some specialized tools (please refer in the pictures above). These stuff can be bought from a hardware store or any stationery shops.
Thoroughly hammer the brad onto the top of the wallet until it molds a hole that fits the grommet.
Ensure that the grommet fits perfectly along the edges of the hole. Take your time making adjustment if necessary.
Carefully insert the grommet inside the hole. Remember, it should not loosen up. It should be fit perfectly, so it will stay in place.
To ensure that it fits perfectly, use a short steel. Double check if it's strongly enclosed around the hole.
Voila! You're finally done! A DIY grommet keyring that fits best to your wallet chain. It's very easy to create and would not make you waste a lot of money!
Go out and about while showcasing your wallet chain as it gives you peace of mind. No need to be uncertain if your wallets would get lost or stolen as you go on adventures! Pull it off and be cease the day with a style!