Silver wallet chains have been through a lot of decades and generations. Surprisingly, their spotlight has never lost its shine. Rather, it keeps on glowing as years pass by! Wallet chains have been innovated and developed many times since it started being in the market 70 years ago! It has been redesigned and restructured over and over to meet the trends and demands of its users and patrons!
Wallet chains are not just a glamorous and decorative accessory, but it also serves a valuable purpose. It was first used by bikers for the fact that it can hold their wallet in place which added to security to their most precious belongings like cash, IDs, receipts, tickets, cards, etc. Nowadays, wallet chains still function the same. It’s just that they are now more stylish in structure, more flexible in features and vary even better in when it comes to sizes. If you are having doubts of buying one, we strongly encourage to invest in one. It just doesn’t add beauty and style to an outwear, but it functions greatly as a wallet holder as well!
No need to worry and get confused as we have already narrowed down and picket our Best 20 Silver Wallet Chains from our collection. This list would help you choose and see the most fit and appropriate chain for your needs!
- A chain that promotes durability is this silver wallet chain that comes with a unique structure and design. It is composed of a U-hook lock and a lobster lock that can hold sternly a wallet or a purse. It comes with a length of 70cm. It is both fashionable and useful and can surely prevent your belongings from being stolen or lost.
- Known for its thickness, this solid stainless steel wallet chain is more than just an accessory. It is fashionable and useful as well. You can either wear it with a wallet or none, or you can just simply hang it on your jeans to complete a whole new look. It measures from 45 to 55cm. It is cool, edgy and stylish in every way.
- A must for bikers and truckers, but can also be worn by fashionable individuals, this wallet chain is made of stainless steel with a length of 18 inches. It is cool and something that you can show off around. Not only that, it is durable and functional enough to hold a wallet or a purse securing it inside your pockets. It measures from 35cm-45cm.
- Comes in two styles, this wallet chain is made of stainless steel. The chain itself comes with byzantine style that makes it more stunning. The hooks are unique that has two different designs. Length measures 52cm which makes it a more flexible accessory. You can just consider it as an embellishment for your outfit or an added security for your wallet.
- Handmade of stainless steel, this wallet chain absolutely represents cool, punk and rock style. The structure and design are both edgy. The keyring and the lock are both out of this world. The chain itself is flat and is definitely firm which is meant for long lasting usage. Length measurement is 40cm. A good accessory for your jeans and wallet!
- An accessory that is absolutely best paired for your jeans and wallet is this chain. It is made of stainless steel, stylish and durable. This wallet chain measures from 35cm to 45cm. You can also have the length customized. The chain is styled with byzantine design but in a simpler approach.
- This diamond cut wallet chain comes with a length of 16 inches which makes it a perfect accessory for jeans. Not only that, it is also an effective chain for your wallet or purse as it is made of stainless steel and is structured with lobster-like clasps. The chains are strong enough that can definitely work at full capacity.
- A very unique kind of accessory is this wallet chain that comes with an awesome chain that is designed with stainless steel skulls that are linked together. The clasps are deigned like lobster that can effectively hold a wallet or be locked around a belt loop. Length can measure 46cm or 84cm.
- Fancy that extra fashionable chain? This wallet chain comes with a more stylish design because of the scarf that is paired it with. Thee scarf also varies in color- black, coffee, white and gray. It comes with a measurement of 80cm in length. It is both durable and functional as a holder of a wallet or a purse.
- This badass silver wallet chain got unique features and a different kind of design. The head clasp has a long skull on it that added masculinity to the accessory. Both locks are lobster-like which are effective in holding a wallet. It is also fashionable, making it a stylish hanging accessory for jeans. It measures from 45cm to 55cm.
- Combined with a leather material, this is the kind of chain that is different from the others but you’ll surely love. The silver chain and the leather are perfectly braided together that led to a beautiful wallet chain. It is also paired with a skull charm. It has a length measurement of 71cm and is a useful accessory for wallets as well.
- Simple but elegant, this wallet chain simply rocks! It is made of stainless steel and comes with clasps that are both useful to hold a wallet or simple be hung around a belt loop. It comes with a skull ornament on the one lock. It measures 54cm in length. Silver in color, it is both a fashionable and a useful accessory.
- This flat and diamond cut wallet chain is preferably one of the most busy chains in the market. The keyrings are big enough to hold long wallets and purses. This also comes with a flexible clasp and extendable chain so it can be used comfortably as a jeans accessory. Made of stainless steel, this chain comes with a measurement of 30cm.
- Flat, solid and durable are the main features of this wallet chain that comes with a length of 56cm. The locks are well-structured to effectively hold a wallet and be hung around a belt loop. Silver in color and made of stainless steel, this wallet chain is an extra fashionable accessory made for jeans and wallets!
- A perfect accessory for Metallica fans, this metal wallet chain comes with a rope-like design that makes it stand out from the rest. It is ornamented and paired with a cross charm leading to its stylish structure. Clasps are both lobster-like that can absolutely hold a wallet and be locked around a belt loop. As you can see, it is an attractive accessory for any kinds of pants or jeans.
- Solid and strong enough to endure long lasting usage, this wallet chain is made of durable flat chains and stainless steel. It is 20 inches in length or 51 in centimeters. It also features lobster-like clasps. Stylish, this is a catchy jeans accessory. It can comfortably hang on your outfit because of its length.
- Not long enough, but this vintage-like chain is super adorable and stylish. Unique of its kind and definitely lovable! It only measures 18cm in length. However, the best feature of this chain is its lock that is shaped and molded like a a string heart. Thus, you can just simply hang it without even clasping it. Nevertheless, it remains an efficient accessory holder for a wallet.
- This lengthy and beaded wallet chain is made of stainless steel. It is long enough that it can comfortably hang on jeans or pants. Because of its length, it is extendable and can be locked around a belt loop at the back. It has a lobster-like clasp on one end and a keyring on the other. Length is 85cm and comes with two styles- single and double.
- Really cool and amazing, this wallet chain comes with an incredible design as it is inspired by a gear-like chain- the one that you see on bicycles! It comes with an anti-theft feature that makes it more extra-ordinary. It can effectively hold a wallet and absolutely a precious jeans accessory. Available in black and silver, length is 84cm.
- Not only for men, but this wallet chain is also made for women. Since it is durable and long, this fashionable accessory can work as a self-defense tool for women as well. It is made of flat and durable chains. Not only that, it can also effectively function as a wallet holder, too! Length measurement is 85cm, this wallet chain is a must to your list!