Nowadays, we live in a cashless world where less and less people are getting rid of bills because of cards and checks. Good thing that the development of wallet is also on the loose. It's not only limited to card wallets, billfold wallets, coin wallets and regular wallets. Today, check wallets are also emerging.
Do you need a checkbook wallet? If you're into carrying larger items and putting them in a purse, then a checkbook wallet is definitely one for you! It does hold plenty of things inside aside from checks. It can also accommodate cards, bills and other lengthy things like a passport or tickets. This kind of wallet is totally not a bore, and you would definitely enjoy using it. A checkbook wallet allows anyone to use if effectively, and draw their cash whenever you want. It is a secure place to store cards and checkbooks without they worry of them being folded. Aside from its efficiency, it is also fashionable and a really fascinating piece of accessory.


That's why we are here to help you choose the best checkbook wallet for you before you make that purchase! We will help you slim down your options and have your own durable and stylish wallet!


- Number one on our list is this handmade checkbook wallet that's furbished from a good quality of leather. It is bifold and spacious enough to keep a checkbook, cash and cards neat and secure. It also has extra slots that you can store IDs or photos. This wallet can come in four different colors- brown, red, purple and black.
- One of the things that is special about this wallet is its closing mechanism which is sealed with a buckle and a magnet button. Inside, it has plenty of roomy slots for cash, cards, checkbooks and coins! It measures 19.5cm x 10.5cm x 2cm. It is brown in color. Simple in shade but remains stylish.
- Going for a simple wallet, then give this checkbook wallet a chance. It is envelope like and is sealed by simply folding it. A magnetic button would enclose it. Its card slots are more secure as it is covered by a strap. It has compartments for checkbooks, cash and coins as well! And of course, a photo is also available.
- Vintage a and slim, this checkbook wallet is something that you can carry both on casual and special events. It is plain and simple in design, but also has an elegant look. It has stitches around the edges and has an spacious interior. It is composed of card and checkbook compartments.
- Love to travel? This checkbook wallet can definitely hold your passport in place as well. Aside from its main feature which holds a passport, it can also accommodate other essentials like cards, checkbooks and bills. Available in dark brown- it measures 18.5cm x 9cm x 2cm. This might be a great companion for all your travels.
- This handmade leather checkbook wallet is surely made of quality materials. Moreover, it can be used as wristlet clutch. It is sealed with a strap and a magnet button. This wallet is available in three colors- brown, gray and bronze. It has slots inside that can hold checks, cards and cash.
- Cool and portable, this checkbook wallet is more than just a purse! It can also hold more essentials just like a phone! So, you won't have to worry putting all your cards, checks, cash and phone in one wallet. Available in brown, black, navy blue and red, this checkbook wallet measures 21cm x 10.5cm x 2.8cm.
- This low-key checkbook wallet has a basic exterior yet comes with an extra-ordinary features because of how it holds different important things inside. Aside from its main feature of accommodating checkbooks, it's also a good storage for cards and cash. It measures 18.5cm x 9cm x 2cm-- available in dark brown.
- Extremely different in design, this checkbook wallet is handmade of tooled leather! It is carefully and beautifully crafted into a delicate wallet. Sealed with a zipper, it has slots for cards, checks, cash and coins. Around the edges, it's stitched for added security. Brown in color, it measures 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm.
- A little lighter in color, this checkbook wallet can be a clutch or purse. It is long and quite spacious inside. Moreover, it can accommodate numerous essentials inside like checkbooks, cards and cash. Available in brown and dark brown, it measures 19.5cm x 9cm x 2.5cm. It is a great choice of wallet for people who prefer simple looks!
- Durable and firm, this checkbook wallet is cool and long and comes with an abstract exterior design. It has several compartments for checks, cards and cash. It can be folded for an easier access. Dark brown in color- it measures 19.5cm x 19cm x 2.5cm. This wallet is efficient as it can be used as a clutch as well.
- Vibrant in color, simple in design, this checkbook wallet is a comfortable wallet to use and carry. Its closing mechanism is different from the rest as it is sealed with an expandable bond and a concho. Measurements are 19cm x 9cm x 3cm. Colors available are brown, orange, camel, red wine and black.
- A checkbook wallet that comes with an incredible chain, this wallet says it all. It is fashionable and comes with a great structure. Along the edges are stitches and is securely sealed with a magnet button and a strap. Inside are slots for credit cards, checkbooks, cash and phone. It is brown in color with a measurement of 18cm x 9cm x 1cm.
- Another tooled wallet on the list is this handmade checkbook wallet Handmade and beautifully crafted, this wallet is something that you can wear with pride. It has a spacious interior for checkbooks, cards, bills and other essentials. Only available in brown, this wallet measures 20cm x 11cm x 2cm. It is defitenly worth a try.
- This must be the most muti-functional checkbook wallet you will encounter. Aside from the main feature of holding checks, it has more additional functions that are useful. It can also store pens and earphones and also have a slot for a phone or a passport. You wanna travel with convenience, then this might be the wallet for you!
- Lightweight but multi-functional, this checkbook wallet is so basic that you can actually carry it wherever you go. It has pockets for cash, checkbooks, cards and/or receipts. It is handmade of soft leather making it slimmer in shape. Available colors are coffee, rose, khaki and green. It measures 19.5cm x 10cm x 2cm.
- This checkbook wallet is trifold that holds a more spacious interior. Aside from the fact that is efficient to use, what makes it more convenient is that it can also hold a phone inside which is sealed with a strap and a zipper. It can also accommodate cards and bills aside from checkbooks. It can be available in blue, camel, coffee and gray.
- This clutch-like envelope wallet can also work as a checkbook wallet. Inside, it has a very simple and catchy interior. Nevertheless, it remains functional as it can hold cards, checks, cash and even coins. Available in black, brown and khaki, it measures 19cm x 10cm x 2cm. This wallet is securely sealed with a button as you fold it.
- Fancy that sleek and modern design? Then give this checkbook wallet a chance to be included in your options. It is handmade, tooled and is made of quality leather assuring durability. It also has stitches around the edges making it more lasting. Measurements are 19.5cm x 10cm x 1cm. This wallet is available in black only.