Skull Short Leather Tooled Biker Wallet

It is not unusual to a biker pull out an intricately designed leather skull wallet to pay for items they want. In fact skulls seem to be a favorite decoration of bikers and it is a symbol they seem proud to use to decorate their bike, their clothing, their jewelry and their wallets. So exactly what does a skull represent to bikers and why do they choose wallets bearing skulls?

Strangely enough, when most people see a skull they think of that ancient symbol of a skull and cross bones that was once used to mark poisonous substances or the skull and cross bone flag of pirates that were used to frighten other ships of and warn the crews of their impending death.

However, bikers don't use skulls in order to frighten or threaten the people they meet. To them, the skull wallet or other gear has somewhat deeper meaning all related to love of riding.

Acknowledgment of Fate

While most bikers do everything they can to ride safely they are also very aware that riding that bike involves a certain amount of danger. For many people that skull wallet and other gear is simply an acknowledgment of fate knowing that anything could happen when they are hitting the road on their bike.

Skull Biker Leather Belts

It isn't that bikers are morbid, they simply acknowledge that the thing they love most has an element of danger and the skull symbol is their way of acknowledging that they accept that danger every time they hit the road.


Other bikers actually see their skull wallets as a sign of commitment to their love of motorcycling. They use it as a symbol that they are committed to riding that bike until death. Most bikers not only love their bikes they also love the camaraderie that comes with being a biker. Anywhere that a biker goes he is welcomed by other bikers who share his passion for motorcycles and riding. The fact that see so many retired men and women riding is clear indication that their motorcycle is a lifelong commitment to many people and that skull wallet signifies that life long commitment.

Biker Skull Wallets

Different bikes will choose different skull wallets depending on what they can afford and their own individual taste. Some wallets have several small skulls embossed into the leather, while others may have just one or two larger skulls. Many skull wallets have rivets or bling that helps the skull to stand out. Some of these wallets have the skull worked into an overall design making it less noticeable that those wallets with the skull standing alone.

Several bike companies including Harley Davidson offer skull wallets as part of their biker accessories.

When choosing a biker wallet, start by deciding on your price range and then look for those wallets within that price range. Since skull wallets run the gambit from fairly cheap to fairly expensive there should be a skull wallet you like within your budget and in a style you like.


From: Everhandmade