Pants chains have been a popular accessory since the 1950's. Many do not know this, but they are one of the phenomenal attachments to clothes since then. They are not only made for bikers and truckers; they can also be worn by anyone who has high interest in fashion. Pants chains are designed stylishly to meet the expectation of everyone in an accessory. It has a wide variety of distinguishable tailor and materials. Thus, it can match everyone's preference when it comes to styling clothes, bags, purses and wallets!
Pants chains are also highly functional accessories. It is something that you can wear all the time because of its useful features. Aside from its stylish

Wearing a pants chain with a wallet

- Pants chains are mostly best paired with wallets. This is the main feature of it. It is to secure anyone's wallet inside a pocket and protect the belongings inside. However, wallets have different classifications as well. Good thing, pants chains are flexible enough to match the need of a wallet. Thinking of going on an adventure, worry no more, because pants chains are made to save the day—and your valuables!


Billfold Wallet(front pocket)

- To connect it to a billfold wallet which usually located on the front, simply attach the chain onto a belt loop while the other end is connected to a keyring of the wallet. It is so simple to use, yet works great as an accessory.


Billfold Wallet(back pocket)

- Same with a front wallet, you can also wear and use pants chains for your wallet and put it inside a back pocket. Because of the chain's length, it can be easily transferred from one place to another.


Long Wallet

You don't have to worry anymore about your long wallet slipping off your pockets or being lost. Pants chains are made to secure bigger and longer wallets. Simply attach one end to the wallet and the other onto the belt loop.

Wearing a pants chain without a wallet

- Surprisingly, you can still wear a pants chain even without the wallet. Simply hang it on your jeans and pants, and you already have an instant accessory to style your bottom. It's a good fashion trend for those people who want to go extra in their outwear.

Short Pants Chain(not show off, low profile)

- If you want a minimal look and prefers a low-key style, then you can have a short pants chain as an accessory. It would still look great even though it's not showing off a lot.


Long Pants Chain(show off)

- However, if you prefer a show-off kind of style and an extravagant look, then you can opt for a longer pants chain. It is more dangling and can easily get attention.


Wearing a wallet chain with bag or purse

- Of course, pants chains are not limited to jeans. You can also use them to decorate and embellish your bags or purse. You must choose the right length of chain that would fit on your bag or purse's exterior. It can also come in different designs. You can also put two or more layers of chains depending on your taste and preference. This is one of the most effective ways of styling your bags. Pants chains can be hang in front of a bag or on its straps.


Wearing Two Pants Chains

- Just like what I've mentioned earlier, users can wear pants chains in two or more layers. If one layer isn't enough for you to showcase your style, you can add more to execute a more modish and edgy look. This would add more highlights to your outfit, bags, wallets or purses.

Short pants chain + Long pants chain

- Layering chains can come in different styles depending on your creativity. You can have two chains with the same length, and you can also layer differently. To give you a hint, most of our users prefer layering pants chains using two different lengths.


Wearing a pants chain as Belt, necklace, fob chain

- To surprise you even more, pants chains can also be worn as a belt, a necklace or a fob chain. Take a look at the pictures below, many people are becoming more modish and stylish by using pants chains as fancy accessories. And they never fail them!
Because of the chains' wide variety of designs, a lot of people have plenty of styles to choose from. They can go from slim pants chains to bigger rounded chains, and all of them can be worn any way you like it!
Truly, pants chains are created to make our lives fancier and more convenient. Not only it could be a fashionable accessory to the clothes we wear and bags we use, but it can also be a protection to have our wallets and valuables secured! Don't miss your chance to explore this amazing chain! You'll surely love every inch of it!