brown leather biker wallet for men


The wallet is an essential men accessory that's why the designers made the different type of men wallets which fits with the occasion. For example, for bikers, there are biker wallets which usually have a chain and also called the chain wallets. Same like this, there are different wallet style available for office going men, party wallets and much more. But here we will specifically talk about the biker wallets.

The biker wallets are made of different synthetic and natural material. The biker prefers a wallet which has been made from the natural material like cowhide and leather. The leather is the part of biker's community, that's why they wear a leather jacket, bracelets, and other essentials to look good. This makes necessary for the bikers to have the leather wallet.


The cowhide is the most common material which has been used in the manufacturing of the bikers wallets. It does not look very stylish and fit within the biker's community but leather and cowhide is also durable, last longer and somehow inexpensive if compared against the benefits which one gets as compared to purchasing other non-leather or non-cowhide wallet.

Once, the biker wallets were available in jeans style too and come up with the chain. The chain has been used to tie wallet with the jeans but this style does not last long. The reason behind its dawn was the durability. Jeans wallet was not durable, get wet and damage the money and other things in case of rain.


brown leather biker wallet for men

Usually, the biker purchases a wallet which has very rough finishing instead of one which comes up with very flat design and too much shine. So, if you are planning to gift a wallet to your biker friend, ensure that it should be not very shiny and have a very rough design


The rules regarding colors are same for the biker wallets if you compare it with other general men's wallet. They are available in limited colors which are black, brown and very dark red or blue but brown and black are the most common colors which are available in the market for the bikers. This does not mean that the biker wallets will look same as the regular wallet due to the limited color scheme. The unique design and quality of leather which has been used during the manufacturing of biker wallets are much different than regular wallets.

When I say black and brown color biker wallets it does not mean that the wallets of all bikers look same. Indeed these are the most two colors available when you search for the biker wallets but they are available in so many different shades and pattern, which makes them different from each other. Some are available in light brown and black colors where others are available in dark colors.


brown leather biker wallet for men


The main thing which makes regular wallets different from the biker's wallet is the chain. That's why they also called chain wallet or wallet with chain. The purpose of this silver chain is to represent support toward biker's community while it enhances the look of the wallet. Some biker uses the chain to tie wallet with the pant. The length of the chain will help you to decide that how you are going to tie it. It can be simply attached from the front or you can put it around the pant so it can be viewed from distance easily. It all depends on your style and how would you like to tie it around your jeans pant.