You won't believe it, but wallet chains have been a popular accessory decades before. It became prominent in the 50's and was a popularized by the biker culture. Since then, it has been passed on to different generations- making it a known accessory nowadays. The development of wallet chains paved way for people of different ages and groups to also use/wear it as a fancy fashion statement. Though it's more well known in the biker and punk fashion industry, several productions in the styling category have also incorporated wallet chains in their collections such as streetwear, hip-hop, run way and social media platforms.

In the Hollywood, wallet chains have become imminent as a fashionable accessory as well. Among celebrities who casually and fashionably wear them are David Beckham, Jason Momoa, Ty Dollar $ and a lot more.

The question is: who wears wallet chains around the globe?

1.Bikers and Truckers

-Of course first on the list is bikers and truckers. Bikers are not just an individual identity, but they are considered a culture or community alongside truckers. They commit themselves to a particular fashion statement, and that includes the wearing of wallet chains. For them it's more than just a style to complete their outwear or look, but wallet chains are also useful to them as it provides security and protection to their wallets-- especially when they are on the go, riding their bikes or taking on an incredible joyride!

2.People who like securing their wallet

- One of the features of a wallet chain is that it assures protection to anyone's wallet or purse. People nowadays are keener and more protective when it comes to their belongings. Thus, owning a wallet chain helps them a lot. It just doesn't add beauty and style to their look, but it also secures their wallet and all their valuables inside it. Isn't it comfortable to travel anywhere without the worry of having your wallet slipped off your pockets? That's what a wallet chain does!

3.Fashion Insiders

- Fashion insiders are more than just people who admire fashion, but they also express themselves in a uniquely fashionable way-- and that includes blogging, vlogging and styling for themselves. Thus, wallet chains are also popular among fashion insiders as wearing one gives them an outstanding look. Wallet chains are beautifully incomparable from each other. That's why, anyone who wears one will surely make everyone turn their head.

4.People who want to try something new

- Curiosity equates creativity, and that is what fashion is all about. People who prefer experimenting on their own when it comes to mix and matching of their clothes and style tend to opt for a wallet chain as an accessory. You may not know this, but wallet chains can also be worn as fancy necklaces, fob chains and belts. This is one of the reasons why more people are getting into wallet chains.
Don't miss the latest trend in the fashion market. Wallet chains might have been an old accessory, but it has never been out of the spotlight when it comes to styling. Own a wallet chain, style it and see for yourself how incredible you'll look with one!