Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags
Waxed canvas is a thick woven cotton material that has been carefully drenched with wax. This provides an additional coating of security against things that might harm your bags, purses or outwear. This kind of cloth has been adored by many because of its longevity, dependability, genuine water resistance and fashionably jagged style. The waxed layer is composed of beeswax and marks folds and creases which gives a distinctive seasoned appearance as time passes by. Through wax, consistency of the yarn and density of the weave, waxed canvas character and durability is certain.


Waxed canvas is rather a water-resistant fabric than waterproof. Its resistance to water and moisture is one of its trustworthy qualities. However, if it is exposed to  water in an extended time, the material will get soaked. Bags and outwear that are made of waxed canvas can resist the penetration of water. Thus, making your valuable things securely dry.


One of the reasons why most people love waxed canvas messenger bags is its functionality. Aside from its fabric that is water resistant, its function varies depending on one’s style, taste and/or needs. Because of waxed canvas messenger bags’ diverse design and purpose, it has been a popular choice to many especially to men who also have different personalities and demands. Waxed canvas messenger bags can be carried in a day-to-day basis, an outdoor activity, a business trip or a quick get away. It can be used casually or formally. Due to its stylish flexibility, it is likeable by both people who are minimalist and lavish. Waxed canvas messenger bags are a must addition to your style, not just because it’s a trend but also because of its advantageous purposes!


Now we are glad to show and recommend you our Best 26 Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags. We cannot wait for you to have yours as well! We hope that you find an amazing choice that will surely match your style! It will absolutely give you more confidence to carry your own trend.



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16'' Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags, Mens Vintage Waxed Canvas Laptop Shoulder Bag, Waxed Canvas Satchels Bag

Are you someone who likes vintage as a fashion statement? Then, this messenger bag is definitely for you! The character of this bag comes with a weathered pattern design that will be surely loved by men. It can be worn on an ordinary day or during a trip. This waxed canvas messenger bag has three colors available- gray, green and coffee. It measures 41cm x 31cm x 12cm in size. It has one main pocket. It also has space for a 14-inches laptop, 1 cigarette pocket, 1 pad/tablet pocket. It has 2 zippered pockets, 2 smaller pockets for phone or wallet, 2 side pockets and a leather keyring. This waxed canvas messenger bag is not only an essential addition to your style but is also multi-function. It is suitably best for office people who want to remain casual everyday.



This cool waxed canvas messenger bag is distinctive in different aspects, from its design to its fabric and color. It is equipped with different functions that would surely fit your purpose. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities. Four colors are available- green, tan, gray and black. It has the size of 35cm x 27cm x 11cm. It would certainly keep your belongings in place and secure as it has 1 main slot, a place for a 14-inches laptop, one space for phone and another for wallet, one pocket with zipper and 2 side smaller pouches. You can really enjoy going out without worrying about your stuff!

13'' Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags, Mens Coffee Waxed Canvas Laptop Shoulder Bag, Waxed Canvas Satchels Bag

Because of this bag's dapper details and style, it is adored my most men. It's the kind of bag that would let you style and go at the same time. Its color has a vintage-look that makes people look more rugged. If you're into jagged fashion and wear, then this is the perfect waxed canvas messenger bag for you. It comes in two different styles- depending on your choice. The first design has a think dark brown stripe in front (that measures 35cm x 28cm x 8cm) while the other is simpler in color and in style (which has a measurement of 32cm x 25cm x 8cm). It has one main slot for your stuff, a 13 inches slot for your laptop, one cigarette slot, a separate pocket for your phone, a slot with a zipper, 2 side pockets and a keyring.
Not all messenger bags can look casually formal. This one is typically unusual from the others as you can use it in both formal and ordinary occasions. It highlights sustainability which is evident in its fabric and design. It is popular among college students. As a matter of fact, this can be used by all ages as well. This waxed canvas bag is available in two colors and is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap. Thus, it can be used both as a handbag or a briefcase. It measures 40cm x 32cm x 8cm, so it's quite big. Because of its size, it does a lot of functions and has different slots for everything. If you like carrying your laptop around with ease, then a 15.6” laptop fits in this bag. It also has some extra space for phone and wallet separately. It also comes with a zipper slot and 2 smaller pouches on both sides.
Are you that kind of person who likes outdoor activities while carrying things around? Worry no more as this messenger bag is packed with lots of features. Because of its versatility, it can be used on a day-to-day basis or when going to a quick getaway. This Satchet style bag is also suitable for college students. It can store up a lot of things like a portable computer, tablet or a camera. It has four colors available- green, tan, gray and black. Its size is 36cm x 27cm x 12cm. It has a slot for a 15.6 inches laptop, a pen slot, a phone slot, a space for wallet, a slot with zipper, 2 outside pockets, 2 side slots and a keyring.
Another fashion messenger bag that is loved by many because of its laid-back design and functionality. Its size is just average with a measurement of 26.5cm x 20cm x 8cm. It can go a long way because of its portability. Though this bag is smaller in size, it still does a lot of useful feature. It has a separate space for an Ipad or a tablet, a slot for for pens, an extra pocket for wallet, one phone slot, 2 zippered pockets- one is located inside the bag and the other is outside. You wouldn’t mind carrying things if you’re minimalist as this waxed canvas messenger got everything for you!
Most people prefer doing their office work outside the comfort of their home. This messenger bag is designed to carry your laptop and other valuable things anywhere you go. Available in four colors- green, dark gray, khaki and black, it comes with a laptop slot, 2 front pockets, 2 side slots, a space for phone and wallet separately and a pocket with zipper. Its portable size of 28cm x 38cm x 12cm will surely make your outdoor activities go smoothly with ease and satisfaction. This suits best for men who can’t leave their laptop behind.
 Do you worry all the time how you would transport your laptop every day due to work or other occasions? Well, this waxed canvas messenger bag might ease your troubles away! Because of its main feature to keep your laptop in place and secure, this bag has been a trend among college students and working women. This Satchel style bag comes in three different colors- khaki, brown and green. A detachable shoulder strap goes along with it, so it can be used as a handbag or a briefcase. It can pack a lot of stuff as it has 1 big slot for a 14-inches laptop, a pocket with zipper that’s located inside and outside the bag, a separate slot for wallet and phone and 1 slot on the side. It has additional leather essentials to make it more stylish.
Camouflage designs never go out of style! Aside from this messenger bags cool structure, it also has its own advantageous features. As it is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, it can also be carried as a handbag or a briefcase. It is square in shape which looks perfect for everyday styling. It measures 24cm x 24cm x 9cm in size. To make the bag complete, it comes with a main slot, an iPad/tablet pocket, a zippered slot inside and on the front, separate pouches for phone and wallet and a smaller slot on the side. It is available in three colors all in camouflage design- light army green, khaki and army green.
Both loved by men and women, this sleek messenger bag is surely a win! It’s easy to see why. Due to its cute design and flexibility, you can carry this bag whenever you’re out and about. It comes in 3 different colors- army green, khaki and dark gray. It might be smaller in size as it measures 27cm x 22cm x 9cm, but it can still keep lots of valuable things. It is equipped with 2 main slots which can store stuff like a tablet, a pocketbook, a notebook or anything similar with their size. The bag also has a space for each phone and wallet, one big zippered pocket, one side slot with zipper and a front pocket. Materials are made from both canvas and leather.
- This waxed canvas messenger bag is a great buy for men and a good choice for women. The fabric is distressed-looking but thick that’s why durability is an assurance! It is available in three colors- army green, khaki and black. It has a spacious compartment as it has a main slot for a laptop. This bag features lots of other slots as well for your things. It has extra storage for your phone and wallet. It also has a zippered slot at the back and 2 front pockets. This posh bag is also popular among college students because of its Sachet Style.
- Because of its spacious interior, this is suitably best for people who like to go on adventures while carrying their things around. However, it’s also an absolute find for those people who love going out while keeping their valuable stuff in place. The bag’s structure is a large biker style. Available in three colors- khaki, purple gray and army green, it measures 42cm x 37cm x 10cm. Its main slot can store a 14-inch laptop. It also comes with a front pocket. It can be used as a handbag or a briefcase because of its detachable shoulder strap which makes it more flexible.
- Looking for something unusual and extra-ordinary? Then we have another camouflage design on the list that might catch your interest! Tote bags are now becoming a trend among people in different group ages. This tote bag is a unique choice both for men and women. Not just because of its sensational style, its getting a lot of approval due to its features and usage. Made from leather and canvas, this cool tote bag can be also used a handbag as it is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap. It comes with a roomy interior as it can keep your valuable stuff like a laptop or a book in place securely. It has a slot for wallet and phone separately. To complete its inside structure, it also has space for an iPad or a tablet and a slot for cigarette packs. Wondering why it can hold lots of items, the answer is its 36cm x 33cm x 11cm measurement!
- This mini messenger bag will take anyone into places comfortably. Though its profile is small and slim, it’s a great carrier when traveling! Because of its durable fabric, no doubt that it is tough and lasting. Available in four colors- dark gray, khaki, army green and dark khaki, it measures 24cm x 20cm x 10cm in size. This waxed canvas messenger bag is spacious despite its lightness. It has one main slot for an iPad or a tablet, one front pocket and two side pouches. It is great for everyday use because of is portability and adaptability to casual occasions.  
- It’s amazing how this messenger bag can overcome any kind of trip. Furbished with water resistant fabric, this assures everyone that their things are securely dry and safe while they go on adventures. Despite its huge size, it’s still light and easy to carry. Thus, it’s a great choice for college students and office workers as well. It has three colors available- ginger yellow, gray and army green. The measurement is 35.5cm x 25cm x 11 cm. The bag is designed exquisitely in Satchel style which makes it look rugged and modish at the same time. To make the bag complete, it has a roomy interior. This bag has different slots for many things. Particularly, it has one big main slot for a laptop or other huge valuable belongings, one front pocket, two separate slots for a phone and wallet respectively, a pocket with zipper and a keyring.
- Love photography and travel at the same time? Then take a look at this messenger bag as it is equipped with different features. One of its main function is to keep your camera safe and securely dry. Fabric is made of waxed canvas which makes it water resistant. It also comes with separate slots for your other stuff. Available in three colors- coffee, gray black and gray green- it measures 30cm x 20cm x 10cm. It has a spacious storage for an iPad or a tablet and a SLR camera. It has a front pocket, 2 internal slots for smaller stuff and 2 side slots.
17. Small Square Waxed Canvas Leather Messenger Bag, Mens Waxed Canvas Shoulder Bag, Green Waxed Canvas Satchels,
- Complimented by many because of its interesting and unique design, this messenger bag is surely a head turner. Its style is vintage-looking. Despite having a small profile, it is still handful and roomy. Made of leather and canvas, it also comes in 4 different colors- army green, gray, black and khaki. It measures 28cm x 22cm x 5cm and has numerous slots for your many things. It can store an iPad/tablet, a small notebook or book in its main slot. It also has extra separate pockets for a phone and a wallet. So if you’re aiming for that old-fashioned look that matches your style, then this messenger bag is a must to your collection!
- Do you want a pleasant experience while carrying your things around and taking beautiful pictures of your surrounding at the same time? Check out this multi-function messenger bag that is great deal for your travel adventures! It has space for anything as it measures 38cm x 28cm x 12cm. It surely stores a 14-inch laptop and other important things. Furbished with leather and canvas material, it is available in 4 colors- coffee, gray, tan and green. It keeps stuff in places because of its spacious interior which has one main slot, a storage for portable computer, a zippered pocket and two separate slots for phone and wallets!
- Famous for its sturdiness and protective feature, this messenger bag is definitely an excellent choice for your laptop. You can actually bring your office outside with this bag as it will absolutely keep your portable computer safe! Equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, this amazing bag can also be used as a handbag or a briefcase. Due to its Satchel style, it is also adored by college students. Available in four colors- lake green, dark gray, brown and army green, this bag measures 38cm x 28cm x 12cm in size. It has a roomy storage for a 14 inches laptop, one main slot, 2 pouches for pens, one phone slot, one wallet slot, a front pocket and a zippered pocket outside the bag.
- Been wanting a carry-all bag while on the go? This cool messenger bag might be what you are looking for! Comes with handful features, this is suitably best for people who like to travel while keeping their stuff safe with ease and comfort. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap making you carry the bag however you like. It is designed in Satchel style which is loved by college students as well. Two colors are in stock- blue and dark gray, while it measures 34cm x 22cm x 11cm. In terms of its size, it can definitely secure most of your needed things as it has one big main slot for an iPad or a tablet, a zippered pocket, two separate slots for a wallet and a phone and two side pockets.
- Downright low key and ready for anything, this messenger bag is an absolute choice for people who want to keep it simple yet poised. Loved by both men and women especially girls, this bag has been a popular choice on our list. It features a detachable shoulder strap which suits college students as well. Available in three colors- gray, cyan and green, it measures 30cm x 25cm x 8cm. Designed in vertical style, it has one main slot, two extra separate space for a wallet and a phone, a zippered pocket and a slot for an iPad or a tablet.
- Perfect for camera lovers and photography enthusiasts, this special edition of our messenger bag is designed for such people. Effectively water resistant and tough, it can surely keep cameras secure and dry in any season. It has a roomy interior and a camera inner which perfectly holds an SLR camera and its lenses. In addition, it can also carry other useful things. Available in three colors- army green, dark gray and khaki, it measures 34cm x 24cm x 15 cm. Due to its functional feature, this bag is very wide in storage as it has different pouches and slots for two pens, wallet and phone. It also has a front pocket and a zippered slot.
- Worry no more as you carry your camera anywhere you go because this waxed canvas bag has it all for you! Isn’t it lovely? This dainty camera bag might be slim and small in size, but it comes with a very wide interior that can hold an SLR camera. Available in three colors- light gray, dark gray and dark brown, it can be worn as a side bag, a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. It features different storage for other belongings as well. It measures 20cm x 17cm x 12cm and has one main slot. It also has an external zippered pocket.
- Talking about high quality and effective functionality, this messenger bag offers features that are suitable for people who go to work everyday and take on a daily commute. Styled in Satchel, this also fits college students who prefer to carry their things around. Available in five distinctive colors- dark gray, brown, army green, lake green and rose red, it comes in two measurement. One is 38cm x 30cm x 12cm and the other is 40cm x 32cm x 8cm. Each size of the bag depends on your needs and preference. It is also equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can comfortably use it as a handbag or a briefcase. Its best feature is storing lots of valuable things as it has a roomy space for a 14 inches laptop, another big slot for other things, three separate slots for a wallet, a phone or a pen and a zippered pocket inside and outside of the bag.
A good carrier for all kinds of season is a great representation of this messenger bag. It has durable fabric that's perfect for any kind of weather. Due to its water resistance feature, this is popular among people who like to go on adventures while keeping their belongings. It is available in three colors- dark gray, lake green and army green. It measures 26.5cm x 20cm x 8.5cm. It's small in size but can actually hold most of your valuable stuff. It is completed with an iPad/tablet slots, an extra space for and wallet separately, 1 main slot for other things, a zipper pocket both inside and outside of the bag. Its design is genuinely made of leather and waxed canvas.
- Jagged waxed canvas makes for a sustainable and hard-wearing finish to a bag that is useful wherever you go. Small but terrible- this bag is created to make your travel experience easy and a lot fun. Portable and durable, it comes in five different colors- rose red, dark gray, brown, gray green and lake green. Adored by many especially by girls, this posh messenger bag goes with a Satchel style. Thus, making it popular among college students as well. It can store many items. Furbished from leather and canvas material, this messenger bag has one big main slot, a slot for wallet, a slot for phone, an extra pouch for pens and two zippered pockets located inside and outside.
We truly appreciate sharing your precious time to browse and check our personalized list of our best 26 waxed canvas messenger bags. We hope that we were able to help you decide on what kind of bag suits your style and preference best! Thank you for reading!